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Top 5 Ways to Save Money When Car Shipping

When moving long distance, using an Auto Transport company is often a sensible solution, but when you add this cost to all of your other moving expenses you discover that moving long distance is a very costly process.

We’ve put together our Top 5 Tips for how to save money when car shipping to help you reduce those costs as much as possible…

  1. Which Service? – there are four main levels of service offered by car shipping
    companies, although not all companies will offer all four, and depending on which one
    you choose you can save yourself money.
    a. ‘Economy’ is the cheapest option and should only be considered if you’re really pushed on the budget and are in no rush to see your car again! Basically your car will be shipped as and when there’s space, but if higher paying customers come along in the meantime their cars will be shipped in priority to yours.
    b. ‘Open’ is the most common and mid-priced service. Your car will be loaded onto an open truck and is therefore exposed to the elements. As a guide, this service should cost between $1,000 and $1,500 for a coast to coast move.
    c. ‘Enclosed’ is more expensive than Open and is a good option to consider if you are shipping a valuable or classic/collector car as the container is fully enclosed and therefore your car is better protected. This service should cost closer to $2,000.
    d. ‘Full Service’ is a guaranteed, more personal service. The car shipper will guarantee pick up and delivery dates and if they miss those dates they agree to rebate you a portion of your incurred costs. Usually this service is door-to-door.

  2. Terminal to Terminal Service – choosing this option will save you money over choosing to have a door-to-door service. Car shipping companies will charge you more to collect your car from your home because it obviously costs them more to do this, and also to deliver it to your new home. However, there will be terminals where cars are loaded and unloaded and sometimes transferred, and if you can drive your car there and pick it up from one, the cost of the overall service will be cheaper for you.
  3. Insurance – you must make sure that you vehicle is properly insured. The car shipping company will offer cover but check with your insurance broker whether this is adequate. You can potentially save money by using your own auto insurance cover as opposed to the shippers, but again check that you are covered for this before relying on the fact.
  4. Operating Condition – some car shipping companies will charge an extra fee if your car is inoperable. This is because it’s obviously far more time-consuming for them to load and unload a car which won’t start! If you want to save yourself this extra charge make sure that the car is in full working order before handing it over.
  5. Have Them Drive Your Car – one final option which may be offered by some car shippers is to have a representative from the company drive your car to your new home. This should save you several hundred dollars off the cost, but may in fact be a false economy as you have to consider the extra wear and tear and mileage on your car. So think carefully about this option!