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Moving, Teens and other Relocation Advice

Have you ever tried to relocate with teenagers? As a child approached adulthood, they collect more things, and these things get bigger. They went from a small bicycle to a full out pickup truck, which can be very hard to move. If the thought of allowing your teen to drive a long distance trip to your new home makes you flinch, then you might want to consider using auto transport for your move instead. While your move is going to be complicated and difficult, figuring out how to get all the vehicles to your new home does not have to be.

Saving Money

Let us use the example of the Smith Family. The Smith family plans on moving from the Southern end of California, to the Northern end of the state. Because the state is very long, they are considering this a long distance move. It will be close to a six hundred mile drive when all is said and done, and they simply do not feel as if driving three vehicles to their new home is very cost effective. In this case, they would be correct.

In these modern times, with the price of fuel ever changing, it is hard to say how much it will cost to drive over this distance. Instead of guessing, however, the Smith family decided to call on California auto transport. They contacted a variety of companies until they found one that they were pleased with. The company picked up their cars, drove them to the new home, and they dropped them off. All of this was done for a flat price that was agreed upon before moving day, which allows the Smith family to budget for this cost.


The Smith family did not feel safe letting their teenage son drive his new car over this distance. At the same time, they did not have enough experienced drivers to take all three cars over the roads to their new home. California auto transport stepped up to this challenge, allowing the Smith family to ride in a single car together while the other two vehicles were shipped. This gave them the peace of mind in knowing that their teen would not have to drive on the most dangerous roads in the country.

Easy to See Benefits

As you can see, the benefits of using California auto transport are easy to reap. The Smith family made it through their move in one piece, and all of their vehicles showed up at their new home just as they had left them. The price of the service was easy to swallow as well, as it was a set fee that did not change according to fuel prices or other factors. In the end, using a service such as this can really save you money and stress, especially if you have a teen in your house.