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Cheap Auto Transport for Beginners

Some people say that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or, you only get what you pay for, but this is not strictly true. Oftentimes in a competitive, newly formed industry, various starting companies, anxious to outdo each other in providing excellent service at cheap rates, will offer good deals. One such industry is auto transport, a new service in the relocation industry. There are thousands of discount auto transport companies in the United States, which provide you with a wide range of services to select from. These companies range from expensive to cheap, and while you might be inclined toward the cheaper options, you may hesitate, believing that the pricier companies will provide better service. This is not always the case. Here are a few tips to remember when shipping your car, which may help you save yourself trouble and cash.

1. Expensive does not always mean better. Hundreds of companies, looking to gain an edge in the industry, provide incredible services for affordable prices, and would be more than willing to transport your car for a price you can afford, no matter what kind of car or over how much distance.

2. Remember to make your research into these companies more thorough than just comparing auto transport quotes, and again, don’t assume that the most expensive company will provide the best service. Compare quotes and services, but also do careful research on the company itself.

3. Watch out for extra services that you don’t need. Many companies will provide extras which are luxuries, rather than necessities, and which you can save money on by opting out of. Make sure you know what additional services are included in the quotes you collect, and how much you can save by opting out of them.

4. Look for deals on multiple car transport, or off-season deals. If you know when most people move in your area, and you are flexible about your move date, you can schedule your move for the off-season, and possibly save yourself a lot of money.

5. Watch for overpriced insurance. Insurance is required for shipping your vehicle, but the insurance offered through the shipping companies is usually too much, so check with your personal car insurance agent, and see if it would be cheaper to buy insurance through them.

It is possible to find cheap auto transport for cheaper than you ever thought possible, proving that in this case, “you get what you paid for” is not necessarily true.