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Door to Door Car Transport

When the time comes to move a car you are faced with some very tough and confusing questions. What choice is better for me?
- Terminal Car Shipping Service or
- Door to Door Car Transport Service.
What is terminal service? How is it different from door-to-door service?
Hopefully this explanation will shed some light on the issue:

Terminal Shipping
If you choose to use the terminal shipping method, like many people around you, your car is stored in a large facility until there are enough cars heading to the area you requested. The cars are than loaded onto a truck and driven to their destination where you, the owner must pick it up. The cheaper service is more convenient for the shipping company, especially if you live in a heavily populated area where a large truck may not be able to reach your home. Although this system seems flawless, there are issues that you must think about before dropping your car off at terminal shipping. It may be days or even weeks before there are enough cars to transport to your area, leaving you without a car. You car will be stored outside in most cases exposing it to the elements and to thieves who view these lots as jackpots despite their beefed up security systems that beat any residential security methods. Terminal shipping has its pros and cons and its up to the driver to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.
Door-to-Door Shipping
The alternative to terminal shipping is preferred by most owners. A truck will come pick up your vehicle when they have enough cars to transport, meaning you are in possession of your car until it is going to leave. You don't need to leave it in a large facility for days, and in many cases a truck will come to your house to pick up your car saving you a trip to a terminal shipping facility. This Door-to-Door service is more expensive but many owners would gladly pay the extra money to remain in possession of their vehicle until the transport trip is about to be made.
What's Better for You?
Similar to almost every other decision this one rides on your current circumstances and situation. There are many factors that may play into your decision so you should evaluate and decide what is better for you; the lower cost of Terminal Shipping or the added safety and convenience of the Door-to-Door method. Contact the Auto Transport company and talk to them directly and use the information you gather to make the best decision for you.