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Preparing a Garage for a Move

When preparing a home for new buyers or tenants, the garage is an area that is often forgotten. There is normally vehicles in this room, as well as various tools, trash, and other items depending on what you did in your garage. It is usually a storage area for many families, meaning that there is quite a hodgepodge of items stored there. Keep in mind, however, that the incoming family will probably have the same habits, so it is important to leave a garage in good condition for the family that will be moving in when you are gone.

Getting Started

The best way to get started on cleaning and repairing your garage is to get the vehicles out and on their way to their new home. You can locate some great auto transport companies that can handle this task for you nearly any time of the year. Make sure to consider vehicle storage as well when you send your vehicles on their way. Any good car hauling companies will offer this to its customers. If you will not be leaving your home for another week or two, then you might need this service.

Cleaning Out

After your vehicle has been taken by the auto transport company that you have chosen, then it is time to start cleaning. The first thing that you should do is get rid of trash and other things that you will never use again. If anything is in good condition, then you might consider donating it. Otherwise, trashing things that only take up space is a good idea. Make sure that you are aware of chemicals that some items in the garage contain, and these things must be disposed of properly.

Cleaning Up

The next thing that you need to do is clean up the area. Make sure that you have everything you want packed, and everything else thrown away or donated. Sweep the floors and clean off any surfaces within the garage area. Get a broom to pull down any cobwebs that might be up on the ceilings, and try to get those little piles of dirt out of the corners. Remember, the people moving into your home do not want to have to clean the place any more than you want to clean your new place.


The final step in getting your garage ready for new tenants is to repair any damage. This means that you should fill any holes in the walls or paint over anything on the walls. Make sure that counter tops or other surfaces that remain with the garage are in good condition, or consider filling hole in them as well. Make sure that the garage door is working, and replace the light bulb in the light if it needs it.

Leaving it Nice

Remember, moving is not easy, and people who do move generally feel pretty exhausted when then finally arrive at their new home. Leaving the house nice is a great way to show the new tenants that you wish them well. On the flip side, you would want the same type of treatment when you arrive at your new home, so always make sure to leave the garage in your home nice for whoever is moving in after you are gone.