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Applying for a car insurance

When you purchase a new car it’s mandatory for you to purchase a
new car insurance too. There are several modalities to purchase an insurance, such by phone, by an agent or online. The last method is most frequently used as anybody can use it right in front of the computer in a very simple and fast way. Here you can get the best quotes and you have the possibility to compare the offered prices. Thus you will not be under some agent’s pressure to buy something you really are not convinced to.

Usually, new car insurances normally have three parts: a third-party responsibility- which is a coverage required by the law and will pay for the damages produced on the other persons involved in the accident but yourself , a personal injury - which will cover all the medical expenses with an accident and the collision coverage- where the insurance company will pay for all the damages produced to your health and goods regardless of who the guilty was and how bad the damages are . To get all these coverage can be very costly, but if you want to have a good night sleep and to avoid all the worries, this will be a smart thing to do.

The consultants that analyze your insurance apply are very careful, as if something important is omitted the policy owner could have problems, such as the insurance may be invalid or more expensive than you’ve wanted it.

You also can buy a car insurance online but in this case you must be very accurate with your answers. Your driving license must be clean of every potential conviction and also of any type of other convictions. Another relevant questions that you have to mention concern all the claims made by you or against you on the police, regardless the damages or injuries.

You must be very attentive when completing the online form with the car’s details, as the smallest mistake can lead to a big difference to the insurance’s cost. The insurance costs are not the same at all profile companies, so you should not hurry and sign up for the first company you find. You should not be worried about the privacy of your information when filling the online application as the company has the obligation to keep it confidential.
In America the insurance coverage secures the driver and not the car. There are six types of insurances: - collision coverage (covers the damage resulted in an accident),

-comprehensive coverage (covering or replacing the damage produced by other factors than an accident, such as collision with wild animals, theft, natural disasters etc)

-bodily injury coverage: covers injuries or death produced by a car driven by a person insured by a policy; if the costs are higher than the policy you’ve bought , you must pay the difference; that is way it is advisable to buy the highest one on the market if you can afford it;

-coverage of property damage: covers the damages produced to other person’s property, which doesn’t have to be necessarily his car, but also a fence, a wall etc.

-Medical coverage –insures yourself, your family or the passengers in your car for the medical expenses as a consequence of a car accident, no matter who the guilty is.

Some of these types of coverage are mandatory, some are facultative, and depending on the place you live.

It is illegal to drive without car insurance. It is very helpful to have it as it prevents you to have financial problems after a possible accident or other external damages. Besides the financial reasons, being insured is seen as a social liability.

There are few other types of coverage, which may seem a luxury to some, but in the unfortunate case of an accident, these may save you from extra costs. For example, you may prepay the rental of a car when yours is damaged or stolen.

There are some disadvantage too when talking of online car insurance. For example, when comparing prices offered by different online companies about their insurance policies, we are not necessarily well informed about what services these policies cover, as they are not always identical. And even the smallest differences are important when it comes to the costs. Furthermore, many insurance sites don't offer a full review of the policy with all the exceptions or exclusions and exceptions until the policy is signed for.

Also, the fact that you can not be answered all the questions you might have, only by the intermediate of the system which will eventually get a human response, can be rather frustrating.

The decision to purchase car insurance online or through a live agent depends on every individual; nevertheless, it has to be weight very carefully with all advantages and disadvantages of each option, as in the end the whole family’s budget is at stake.