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Car Transport from State to State

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10 Most Important things to know about Car Transport from State to State.

Car Transport from State to State is the best method of transferring your car. There is a lot of advantage adopting this mode of transport. The shipment is very secure hence your car will be transported securely.

Things you need to remember before entrusting the task is as follows:

  1. Make sure to take the original copy of all the papers and leave a Photostat copy of the same in your car because it is necessary that you have all the cars original copy with you so that if some problem arises you wouldn’t be in trouble.
  2. Remove all your personal items from the car so that you wouldn’t loose them if you can remove your music system then it would be well and good
  3. If you have a security system in your car then make sure to disconnect them or turn them off, doing so your alarm system would not go on during transit.
  4. Don’t forget to inquire about the auto transport company, its history of transporting cars. Check to find the right auto transport company having a valid license.
  5. Ensure that you receive a written agreement and read it carefully. Ask questions if you have any doubt regarding any of the terms or matters.
  6. Make sure that you reduce or drain your fuel since it would reduce the weight of the car as well as make it safer.
  7. Inspect your car thoroughly so that if any damage occurs in the transit you can make a claim for the same. When you hand over the company your vehicle a vehicle condition report must be signed by you and the driver.
  8. Note the odometer reading of your car so that you can know whether your car had been driven.
  9. inquire about the cost of transporting
  10. Ask for the certificate of insurance ensuring full claim so that you have your car insured and you can make the claim for any damage.