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Car Shipping Companies: Washington

Washington is located in the highest northwest corner of the United States. It is home to about 6.5 million people and ranks 13th in the nation according to population. With 71,342 square miles of land area, the state comes in 25th according to population density.
On November 11, 1889, Washington became the 42nd state to enter into the United States. The state itself was part of the Washington territory, which was named after the first president of the country.
An oceanic climate prevails in the western part of the state. Over the cascade mountain range, however, a much dryer climate exists. Weather here is pretty predictable due to the semi-permanent air masses that hang over the state.
Many large corporations call Washington home. These companies include Microsoft,, Boeing, and Nintendo. This state brings in the 14th highest gross national product in the entire country.
Known as the ‘Evergreen State’, Washington’s motto is ‘Alki’. This word is from the Chonook Wawa language and it means ‘Eventually’.

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Washington State can be one of the greatest places to live. The beauty of nature in the state is amazing. Scientifically, this is a wonderful place to witness the changes that the earth is going through. With active tectonics, volcanoes, and storms, scientific minds will find that they are right at home here. For the rest of you, there is sure to be something in Washington that will capture your interest. Give it a few days, and you are sure to find your niche.