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Car Shipping Companies: Vermont

Vermont is considered the 45th largest state in the country with only 9,620 square miles of land. It ranks 49th in terms of population as only 621,254 people reside there. Because of its size, it ranks 30th in terms of population density.
This area was the 14th state to join the union. It did so on March 4th, 1791, after 14 years as an independent state.
Before Vermont became a state in the Union, it was known as the Vermont Republic. It is well known for its dairy products and maple syrup.
The climate in this area is classified as a continental moist climate. Vermont enjoys warm summers with cold winters. The temperatures drop as the elevation rises.
The state is known as the ‘Green Mountain State’, and the motto is ‘Freedom and Unity’, which reflects the stance of this state during the revolutionary war.

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Vermont holds many distinctions that other states do not. A major player in early America, Vermont is a great place to live. You and your family stand to learn lots from the various sites and activities that go on in this area. There is tons of history here as well, and if you want to see it in action, there are people who provide a peak into how things were long ago. Moving here is something that you really do want to do!