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Car Shipping Companies: South Dakota

South Dakota is the 17th largest state in terms of land area. Home to nearly 800,000 people, this state ranks 46th in both population and population density.
South Dakota was admitted into the union on November 2, 1869. It became the 40th state in the United States. North Dakota was admitted at the same time.
The climate in South Dakota is considered to be a continental climate. They enjoy four very different seasons throughout the year. Frequent thunderstorms often bring severe weather including tornados.
Many national parks are located in South Dakota including Mount Rushmore. A decommissioned nuclear missile silo can also be seen in this state.
South Dakota is known as the ‘Mount Rushmore State’ officially. Unofficially, they are known as the ‘Sunshine State’. The State motto is, ‘Under God the people rule’.

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South Dakota is distinctive. Unlike other states in the United States, South Dakota is sure to provide you and your family with a special experience. It is a great place to raise your family or find that perfect career. Businesses are abound here as well, and you will soon see how special it really is when you move here.