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Shipping a Car Overseas

Shipping a Car Overseas - few pointers which could take you places, easily!

  1. You should contact your international moving company and Auto Transport company at least 2-3 months before the actual shipment of your belongings and items. You should at least get three quotes before making a decision. You could set up an appointment with the moving company’s representatives to come and make a visit at your home. They would scan and look for every aspect of your belongings to make a thorough check of the type of the goods that would be shipped. You could make an inventory form and keep a list of items handy to show them. When you ask for a quote from three moving companies make sure that you ask them the same set of questions and show the same list of items to be moved, so that you get the right quotes from all three of them.

  2. When you research a moving company or ask them questions, make sure that you have a record of their past history. Ask them what would be covered in their insurance plan. Get information on the logistics. Find out what modes of transportation would be used, what would be the time taken to load things in a vehicle and when would the vehicle reach the destination etc. Try and contact the past clients and see if they were satisfied with the service. Find out if the moving company would be able to handle the customs processing. Find out if they are aware about what goods are forbidden from being shipped to the destination country. Lastly find out if the quote they give is inclusive of destination port, customs and clearance charges.

  3. The overseas moving company would need information about the time and the place you would be moving to. You would have to tell them if you would be moving on the same day as your belongings. You would also inform them beforehand if you need their packing and storage service as well.

  4. Get yourself and your family checked thoroughly with your family doctor.
    Find out if you or any member of your family would need any immunization or vaccination for diseases. The Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention will give you the right information in this regard. Check if your health insurance company offers you the coverage for the destination country or if you would have to settle for another one. Bring adequate supply of medication or pills you are taking, so that you could make time to find out a doctor who could give you a new prescription.

  5. When you make a decision to move, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is whether you will purchase a new home abroad or whether you will rent. If you are moving for a short period of time it is better to rent a house. Many people who move overseas opt for renting a home and then subsequently buy a home.

  6. It is better to make travel arrangement well in advance before you move so that you are able to relocate on the day you want to. There are limited flights each day to an international destination. So plan in advance and set a date as to when you would like to relocate or when you would like to move your belongings.