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Car Shipping Companies: Oklahoma

It is the 20th state in terms of size, with a land area of 69,898 square miles (181,035 km2). It is ranked the 28th most populated state with its 3.57 million people. Nearly 60% of these people live within the urban areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
The state name is taken from the Choctaw words ‘okla’ and ‘humma’, meaning ‘red people’.
Most of Oklahoma is situated within Tornado Alley and the state has an average of 54 tornadoes a year. Being in a transition zone between several different climate zones means that the weather can vary greatly in just a short distance. Tulsa has an average July high of 94F (34.4C) and a January low of 26F (-3C).
The state nickname is the “Sooner State” and the motto is “Labor omnia vincit” which is Latin for “Labor conquers all things”. Residents are called ‘Oklahomans’ and the official state mammal is the American Bison.
Oklahoma was one of the latest states to join the Union, not doing so until November 16, 1907, making it the 46th state to do so.

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Considering a move to Oklahoma? If you are, then you are in for a great surprise. This is a great state to call your home. There are numerous things to see that will leave you breathless, and many places to visit. This was once part of the great west, and the historical nature of the state shines through. You are not going to regret this choice in your life.