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Car Shipping Companies: Ohio

The state has a land area of 44,825 square miles (116,096 km2), making it the 34th largest state in the country. With 12.8 million residents, it is the 7th most populous state in the US.
The state name comes from the Seneca word ‘ohiyo’, which means ‘beautiful river’ or ‘large creek’.
The majority of the state experiences a humid continental climate, except for in the far south where this verges on a humid subtropical climate. Winters can be cold, whilst summers are hot and humid across the state. Severe weather is not infrequent.
The capital and largest city is Columbus, named after Christopher Columbus. The city has a strong and diverse economy driven by retail, technology, education, insurance and health care. Columbus has been ranked as the 8th best large city in the US to live in.
Ohio was accepted as the 17th state to join the Union on March 1, 1803. However, a resolution was never formally passed so technically its statehood was not correct. This was noticed in 1953, and on August 7, 1953 it was finally officially declared.

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The natural beauty of Ohio is astounding. The rolling hills that lead up into the mountains can really leave a person awestruck. The crisp air in the wintertime gives peace to the soul. Even in the larger areas of the state, there are certain things that continue to awe visitors. No matter why you have decided to move here, you are sure to be content in your choice.