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Car Shipping Companies: North Carolina

It is ranked as the 28th largest state with a land area of 53,819 square miles (139,389 km2). It is the 10th most populous state with a population of 8.85 million.
The largest city in the state is Charlotte, which is currently the 5th fastest growing large city in the US. Named after Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, it was nicknamed “The Queen City”.
The climate here varies in line with the state’s three regions. The coastal plain is largely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean with mild winters and warm summers. Further inland, in the Piedmont region, the Atlantic does not have such a regulating force and so summers can be hotter and winters colder. The mountainous areas are even colder in the winters but they enjoy mild summers.
North Carolina has two nicknames, “Tar Heel State”, which is thought to have come from the fact that tar from the pine forests, was once one of the state’s most important exports. The other nickname is “Old North State”.
North Carolina was officially the 12th original colony although was the home of the first English colony in the Americas.

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Going to the Tar Heel state? Get ready to be awed by the beauty and simplicity of this state. Many areas of the state still abide by laws and rules that others may call archaic, but it is part of the North Carolina Culture. Choosing to move to this area can lead you into a bit of culture shock, but in the end you will find it amazing how people still live like many North Carolinians do.