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Car Shipping Companies: New Mexico

1,969,915 people call New Mexico home. This puts them in 36th place in terms of population. With a land area of 121,665 square miles, this state ranks 45th according to population density.
New Mexico became the 47th state to enter into the Union on January 6th, 1912.
This area is home to most of the Navajo and Pueblo tribes, giving it the third highest percentage of Native Americans. This population has had a large effect on the culture of the state over all.
As a desert area, New Mexico enjoys mild winters and hot, humid summers. The highest point in the state is Wheeler Peak, which stands at 13,161 feet tall.
The state nickname is the ‘Land of Enchantment’, and the motto is ‘Crescit Eundo’ which means ‘It grows as it goes’.

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New Mexico is a whole other place. Unlike anywhere else in the country, New Mexico can provide your family with something completely new. There are natural beauties that can leave you in awe. You will also find that the culture is different than other areas due to the influences that have been put on this state over the years. In the end, you will find a keen appreciation for what you find here.