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Car Shipping Companies: Nevada

Nevada is the 7th largest state in the nation according to land area with a total of 110,567 square miles. It is the 35th most densely populated state and is home to just over 2.5 million people. 85% of the population resides in or around Las Vegas and Reno.
Nevada became the 36th state to become part of the union in 1864. It entered the union during the American Civil war. This is where the phrase “Battle Born’ on the state flag comes from.
The Mojave Desert is encompassed within the Nevada territory. Over 80% of the total land in the state is owned by the federal government and is used for various purposes such as national parks and military installations.
As a desert, the climate of the area is generally very hot and dry. Temperatures can reach 110 F in the summer and can go as low as 20F in the winters. Summers in this area are generally short, while the winters can last a long time.
Nevada is known as the silver state alluding to the fact that many silver deposits exist in the state. The motto of this state is ‘All for our country’.

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Get ready to move to Nevada! Relocation to this state is different than many other states. There is a definite reputation behind Nevada. While most people might think about Las Vegas, there are also a numerous amount of other things to do and places to visit. Only when you have lived there will you be able to understand.