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Car Shipping Companies: Mississippi

Mississippi is located in the Deep South of the United States. It is home to nearly three million people and ranks 31nd in terms of population. The state covers 48,434 square miles, and is the 32nd most densely populated state in the country.
Mississippi was the 20th state to join the union, doing so on December 10th, 1817.
The climate in this area is considered a humid subtropical one. The state enjoys long summers with relatively mild and short winters. This state is at risk for hurricanes during the seasonal rotation.
Over half the state is heavily forested. Many different species of wild trees inhabit the state including pines, cottonwoods, elms, oaks, hickories, pecans, and sweetgums.
The state has two nicknames, ‘The Magnolia State’, and ‘The Hospitality State’. Its motto is ‘Virtue et Armis’, which means ‘By valor and arms’.

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Moving to Mississippi is a wonderful idea! Experiences in this area are going to be special and different from what you might be used to. From the mighty river to the growing cities, there is something to appeal to every personality and nature in the state of Mississippi.