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Car Shipping Companies: Connecticut

Connecticut is the third smallest state in the US with an area of just 5543 square miles (14357 km2). With the 29th largest population, at 3.5 million people, it is one of the most densely populated states.
The state of Connecticut was the fifth state to join the Union. It did this on January 9, 1788.
Connecticut is nicknamed ‘The Constitution State’ because of its long history as one of the first places to be colonized. The English established the first major settlements here in the 1630’s.
The unofficial, but more popular, nickname of Connecticut is actually “The Nutmeg State” thought to come from the fact that sailors used to return to the area with valuable nutmeg.
The state climate is humid continental, with the closeness of the Atlantic Ocean affecting the seasonal extremes. The long coast on the Long Island Sound protects the state from some of the harsher weather. The summertime highs are around the mid-80’s and in the winter the lows can get down to the mid-30’s.

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Connecticut State Facts

Connecticut is a special place. Historically speaking, this is a state rich in resources. They have a strong heritage that dates back to nearly the beginning of the country. Today, there are lots of things to see and do, including things that you might not expect. The military has a strong presence here, and if you are looking for a great, and unique place to live, Connecticut may be it.