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Safe Auto Transport

Three Important Things to Know About Safe Auto Transport

Many people simply send their car off to be shipped by the first name that they find in their yellow pages. This often leads to sour transactions as the shipper and the client fail to see eye to eye once the vehicle has found its way to its new home. If you’re planning on having your vehicle shipped via an Auto Transport company, you should know the following:

  1. Security is key – One of the primary concerns about third-party auto transport is that things can (and often do) go missing from within the vehicle. Items such as stereos or things that are loosely bound inside the vehicle are almost always what’s taken.

    Make sure to remove anything of value, and if possible, get a signed document stating that the auto transport company will reimburse you in the event that something in stolen from your vehicle.

  2. The vehicle needs to be prepped – Make sure that the auto transport company does its due diligence when it is transporting your vehicle. Ask them how they prepare a vehicle for auto transport, the processes that are involved, and how they make sure that everything runs smoothly.

    A reputable auto transport company will be more than happy to answer your questions and will definitely have a proper method in place to ensure that things run smoothly.

  3. Find out the delivery methods – Auto transport companies have a selection of ways to send your vehicle when they choose to ship it. Rail and trailer are the most common, though naval options will be utilized if you are shipping over seas. Ask your auto transport company how they will be moving it and why they chose that method.

    It is very common for auto transport companies to send vehicles out via rail or trailer, especially if it is staying within the United States. Rail has the advantage of being relatively safe and is fairly quick, whereas trailer transport has a bit more of a risk attached due to other motorists on the road.