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How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

Top 5 Things to Look For in Proper Auto Transport

After your home, your car is probably one of your biggest assets so you want to make sure that it’s looked after. Therefore, when choosing an Auto Transport company you need to be as diligent as you would be with your general moving company because you want to ensure that your car gets to your new home in one piece.

Here are out Top 5 Tips for what to look for when choosing a car shipping company…

  1. Reputation – does the car shipping company have a good reputation? It should be very easy to find out if they do by performing a quick search on the internet. If there are any major issues with this company there should be plenty of results for them on the internet and if the majority of comments you find are negative then this should start ringing alarm bells for you. Also ask around people in the business, as they should be able to give you an idea too.
  2. Licensing – ask the car shipping company to show you proof that they are properly licensed to perform this service. They should have a federal license as well as insurance and bond requirements. A fully legitimate company should have no problem with showing you these things.
  3. Insurance – you need to ask the shipping company what insurance they have against damage to your car and what the limitations and exclusions are on this. You should also be aware that when transporting your car there are some natural risks for minor damage – the company is, for example, unlikely to pay you any compensation if a rock has flown up and dented the paintwork or even broken a window, as this was beyond their control.
  4. Your shipping options – there are 4 major car shipping options to consider. Not all companies will offer all of them so you need to make sure which service the company is offering you and whether it meets with your requirements. Your options are: Open, Enclosed, Full Service or Economy. Find out more about these on our ‘Top 5 ways to save money when car shipping’.
  5. Schedule and Delivery options – if you want your vehicle to arrive at your new home by a certain date, ask the car shipping company whether they can guarantee this and also find out how your car will be delivered. Some companies will not do a door to door service but will collect and deliver only to their own specified locations. You’ll need to check on this condition to make sure that if you have to collect your car from another location it is easy to get and not too far for you to travel to.