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Car Top Carriers

Car Top Carriers: The Most Common Way to Transport Your Vehicle

Have you ever seen a truck driving by with a load of vehicles on its trailer? That’s called a “car top carrier”, and it’s the most common method of transporting vehicles. Many Auto Transport companies use car top carries because of their history of reliability and the relatively low cost per vehicle when compared to rail transportation.

Chances are good that the company that you’ll be using to transport your vehicle will be using car top carriers, so the more you know about them the more you’ll be able to rest easy once you’ve dropped your vehicle off for transportation.

  1. First, car top carriers are secure – A truck can make the jaunt across the entire country in only a few days with very few stops. This means that your vehicle will be on the road and untouchable (since it’s moving at highway speeds), whereas if it were traveling by boat or rail it would be stationary and able to be tampered with.

  2. Second, car top carriers are less expensive than other means of transportation – Trains and boats are much more expensive to run than a truck. While a truck may take a little bit longer to reach its destination, the price of diesel is much less than what it costs to run a train. This means that it costs you less to send your vehicle via a car top carrier than it does to send it via rail.

  3. Car top carriers have a certain element of risk – Because a car top carrier is constantly on the road there is always the possibility of an accident or some kind of collision. This shouldn’t surprise you, though statistically speaking car top carriers are just as safe as rail or sea, and the theft rate involving vehicles being transported by car top carriers is also lower.